Plant Hire

Holystone has a range of plant and machinery hire at our disposal for use on our roads, sewers, or demolition contracts but we also hire these out to third parties. From operated excavators to self-drive dumpers we have a range to cover most requirements of earthworks, demolition, or drainage. We provide earthworks packages for site clearance or levelling and seeding areas.

We have a fleet of 8 wheel tipper hire and grab vehicles for the removal of inert materials from the site. We can provide the load rates for the removal of inert materials to a licensed landfill site.

Plant hire Services include:

  • Low Loader Hire
  • HIAB Hire
  • Haulage
  • 360 degree excavator hire
  • Dumper Hire
  • Dozer hire

Find out more about our plant hire services below.

Low Loader Hire

Holystone’s low-loader hire covers the North East. Our low loaders are state of the art and have the capability to move heavy materials or machinery and equipment and transport them to a new location. The low-loader trailer is low enough to transport large-sized machinery and offload them efficiently.

Our low loaders typically transport construction machinery and equipment to a site or to a new location. This includes transporting mini diggers, excavators, crushing and screening equipment, tractors, and equipment used for road construction.

Not sure which plant hire is best for your project? Our team will help you to make the right decision and advise you on the benefits of using each plant hire. We are an experienced North East plant hire company with 40 years of experience. Our team is highly knowledgeable and will provide you with an honest answer and a high-quality solution for your project.


Holystone offers a HIAB hire service across the North East. Our HIAB vehicles combine the requirements of a truck and crane into one vehicle making it the perfect truck for unloading and loading. HIAB provides a range of benefits for different lifting and transportation capabilities.

HIAB loader cranes are extremely versatile and are commonly used in the construction industry for transporting heavy materials and equipment. They don’t require extra crane support due to the built-in crane and can operate in tight and restrictive areas due to the 180-degree rotation.

HIABs are cost-effective and can help projects and transportation needs run smoothly and efficiently. Depending on your plant hire requirements and project, our team will be able to advise you on the best plant hire whether it is HIAB, tipper truck hire, low loader, or plant haulage.


Holystone has a fleet of 8 wheel tipper hire vehicles along with HIAB vehicles and low-loader vehicles. Our tipper van hire service is ideal for the removal of inert materials from the site. We can provide load rates for the removal of inert materials to our licensed landfill site.

Not only do we have a range of plant and machinery hires available across the North East, but we also specialise in waste removal and site clearance. Our highly skilled team can undertake the removal of waste to our landfill sites in a safe and professional manner. We guarantee to support your project needs by providing a cost-effective and efficient service to ensure your project is not disrupted.

Plant hire haulage

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