Waste Removal

Our waste removal service includes construction waste management, site spoil removal to landfill or if suitable a recycling facility and crushing/screening on site to recover aggregate and minimise removal. When working on construction sites we operate a site clearance service using our excavators, fleet of tipper vehicles and grab wagons. Our team carefully and efficiently remove all waste produced and unwanted waste from sites to a licensed landfill site or recycling facility where our team of skilled waste experts efficiently work through the waste to find materials that can be reused and recycled for our recycling services which includes aggregates.

Our Waste Removal Services Include:

  • Site spoil removal
  • Tipper and Grab hire

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Waste Disposal

Holystone operates an inert waste disposal service. Inert waste includes materials that can’t be reused or recycled. our team is highly skilled in differentiating the different types of waste to understand what needs to be done with them and what can be repurposed.

We also provide construction waste disposal services for the construction industry. Whether this is a site clearance before the next stage of the project can begin or removal of materials during and after the project has been completed.

When operating our waste services, we are very environmentally conscious as we want to ensure all waste products are sent to the right waste management sites, such as commercial waste disposal sites, or can be repurposed and reused.

Waste Disposal Services include:

  • Spoil Removal
  • Removal of non-haz and hazardous waste
  • Removal or recycling of oversize hard materials
  • Tipper and Grab hire

Landfill disposal is still a vital and important waste removal and management service in the UK. Commercial waste disposal and any waste that cannot be recycled will be taken to landfill sites. Holystone works with Biffa Waste Services to infill inert waste into their Houghton le Spring Landfill site. We are currently looking to obtain further planning for the site to allow an additional five years of disposal.

Once the landfill site is full, we work with Biffa and the local community and environment agencies to ensure it is capped and restored. This process complies with legal requirements including planning permission and environmental permit requirements.

When further planning is granted future waste from projects will be brought to the landfill site where we will assess which of the building materials and waste materials can be repurposed and recycled and the waste will be generated into recyclable materials for aggregates that are sold on-site. We also have plans to install a wash plant facility which will extract further aggregates from inert materials entering the site before they are placed in the landfill.

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